Employee Performance Review

MM slash DD slash YYYY


1. Job Understanding & Knowledge
Does the employee know how to do the job completely and correctly?*
2. Job Performance & Work Quality
How accurate, complete, and timely is the employee’s work?*
3. Attendance, Punctuality & Dependability
Is the employee punctual? Can the employee be counted on to be on time and to get the job done?*
4. Preparedness
Does the employee prepare in advance? Are towels washed and ready, keys retrieved, supplies refilled, work order reviewed ahead o time?*
5. Attitude & Enthusiastic
Does the employee demonstrate a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job?*
6. Productivity & Speed
Is the employee progressing in over ability and professionalism?*
7. Growth & Professionalism
How does output compare with what is expected of this position? Are the jobs completed within the allocated times?*
8. Cooperation & Team Work
Does the employee work well with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates?*
9. Follows Instructions
Does employee follow instructions? Does employee communicate with admin team to clarify questions and look for clarification?*
10. Core Values
Does employee how knowledge of company core values and does employee demonstrate and applies company’s core values on a regular basis?*
MM slash DD slash YYYY
By signing this form, you confirm that you have discussed this review in detail with your supervisor. Signing this form does not necessarily indicate that you agree with this evaluation*
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