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Top-to-Bottom Deep Cleaning in Holliston, MA

Treat your home with this extra in-depth service that tackles every nook and cranny, and gives you the spotless and hygienic living space you want and deserve.
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Give your home a much-needed cleanup with our pro touch

Whether you need seasonal deep cleaning, or your residence in Holliston hasn’t been professionally tidied up in awhile, we’re ready to invest our skills and experience to sanitize every corner of your place in Massachusetts. As a proud member of ARCSI with almost 20 years of relevant experience, we’ve refined a tried-and-tested way of doing things that enables us to take care of your living space in a methodical and comprehensive manner. Our technicians use only the finest tools and solutions paying special attention to your comfort and well-being while leaving no pillow unturned.

Our comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning in Holliston spares no effort

All rooms – Tidying up

Floors – Vacuuming & damp mopping

Cobwebs – Removal

Baseboards – Hand-washing

Moldings & woodwork – Hand-washing

Lamps & lampshades – Dusting

Light switch plates – Damp wiping

Light fixtures (within 2-step ladder reach) – Hand washing (without removing)

Ceiling fans & light fixtures (within 2-step ladder reach) – Hand wiping

Pictures & knick-knacks – Damp wiping

Doors and door frames – Hand-washing or damp wiping

Stairs – Vacuuming & dusting of wood

Patio/Sliding doors – Cleaning (1 set only)

Furniture (front, side & legs) – Damp wiping & polishing

Blind, window sills & lock ledges – Damp wiping

Beds – making of the beds & changing of 1 set of sheets (if fresh linens are provided)

Refrigerator top – Damp wiping

Outside of appliances – Washing & polishing (if they’re made of stainless steel)

Inside microwave – Scrubbing & wiping

Stovetop, grates & drip pans – Thorough scrubbing

Countertops & backsplashes – Thorough scrubbing

Kitchen cabinet fronts (2-step ladder reach) – Thorough scrubbing & damp wiping

Sinks – Thorough scrubbing & sanitizing

Window over the sink – Cleaning (without removing the screens)

Wastebaskets – Emptying, wiping & relining with fresh waste bags

Uncluttered shelves (within 2-step ladder reach) – Hand wiping

Tub or shower & tiles – Double scrubbing & washing the build-up

Bathroom cabinets – Damp wiping

All bathroom counters & fixtures – Thorough washing & sanitizing

Trusted team of reliable experts in Massachusetts

As a family-owned business, we go to great lengths to staff our team with people who are not only experienced professionals, but also trustworthy, motivated, and pleasant to be around. We conduct a strict vetting process and in-person interviews to source the best specialists in deep cleaning before putting them through a training procedure designed to get them up to speed with our way of doing things and the values we expect them to uphold. Honesty, diligence, and reliability are our credo and we’re firmly committed to never compromising on the quality we bring to our clientele.
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Customize your deep cleaning in Holliston by adding some of these specialized tasks

Doing the dishes – Beyond a couple of items

Refrigerator – Full interior cleaning

Oven cleaning – Thorough scrubbing

Shower doors – Removing hard water stains Laundry – Washing, drying & folding, or folding only if you prefer

Extra time – Decluttering, organizing, tidying, etc.

Blinds – Hand wiping & deep cleaning

Garage – Sweeping of the floor

Interior window cleaning – Thorough wiping

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We’re primed and ready to do a professional job on all your home cleaning needs!

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FAQ & Answers

What does a deep cleaning service include?
Deep cleaning in Holliston is the most intensive and detailed housekeeping service available. It includes a much more thorough scrub-down of surfaces and areas that are regularly cleaned, but it also pays special attention to tackle all those places that people tend to overlook when doing their regular tidying up. With our top-to-bottom cleaning in Massachusetts, you can be sure that all the dust, dirt, grime, and germs will be eliminated from your living area.
How long does it normally take to deep clean a house?
It’s hard to offer anything resembling an accurate time-frame since this can vary greatly from one home to the next. Depending on the size of the place in question, the layout of each room, and the overall state of cleanliness, top-to-bottom cleaning in Holliston can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day’s work, and maybe even longer in case of very large residences.
How often should I deep clean my home?
This is a decision that is heavily influenced by your personal preferences, the lifestyle you lead in Massachusetts, whether you own shedding pets, and other factors. While there are no rules regarding deep cleaning, it’s highly advisable to do it at least twice a year, with seasonal cleaning at the beginning of spring and before the start of the winter being the popular choice.
However, if you live with your extended family in Holliston, in a household with a lot of foot traffic, or have pets or kids, it may be advisable to opt for top-to-bottom cleaning every 3 months or so to ensure that you’re providing the best foundation where you’re loved ones can thrive.
What happens if you never deep clean your house?
Besides being unattractive for the eye and unpleasant for the nose, neglecting deep cleaning will turn your home in Holliston into a potential ticking time bomb of pest, bug, vermin, and germ explosion. Since bedbugs, dust mites, and contagious microorganisms thrive in greasy, dirty, and grimy surroundings, you’d run the risk of contracting serious diseases or developing nasty skin allergies, asthma, or even worse, respiratory problems due to polluted and moldy air.
In addition to all these issues, ignoring professional top-to-bottom cleaning will have a negative impact on the longevity of your belongings due to deposits of grease and developing mold that will eat away at your furniture and walls. Don’t skip deep cleaning of your residence in Massachusetts, not only does it not pay in the long run but you’d be endangering the well-being of everyone in your household.
Where can I book a professional deep cleaning near me in Holliston, MA & the area?

Whether you’re located near Thomas Hollis Historic District or on the far edge of town, Amazing Maids team is ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and deep clean your home up to our lofty standards each time you call. In case you need someone to offer high-level housekeeping on a regular basis or you need a one-off professional tidying up of your residence, we have the tools, experience, know-how, and attitude you’re looking for.

Treat your toddlers to an adventure-filled day at Lake Winthrop while we’re making sure that you get welcomed by a neat and snug environment. Get in touch with us today and lean on our satisfaction guarantee to enjoy a pristine and shiny abode!