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With life in Watertown seemingly becoming faster by the day, it’s no wonder people are struggling to find time for housework, let alone time-consuming chores like recurring cleaning. Luckily, Amazing Maids has the know-how, experience, and equipment needed to deliver the full scope of house cleaning services, from regular and top-to-bottom cleaning to specialized move-out and move-in cleaning services.

We pride ourselves on our diligent maid services that can be fully tailored to meet the unique needs of individual clients. Whether you’re in the rental business and need someone you can rely on to simplify your tenant turnover cleaning or need trusted pros to keep your home spick-and-span throughout the year, we have what it takes to keep pleasing you after each appointment.

We are proud to provide our house cleaning services throughout Norfolk MA. Our office is located at 531 Concord St., Ste. 1, Holliston, MA. Contact Us Today! (508) 458-1333

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Our determination to deliver premium cleaning service is anchored in our strict vetting process that enables us to cherry-pick the best personnel for the job. We periodically review all our employees to ensure they are motivated and able to maintain our high standards in recurring cleaning. With high-end tools and time-tried solutions, our cleaners are trained to deliver efficient services irrespective of the challenges that lie ahead.

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As a locally-owned and operated business, we always strive to develop a close relationship with our neighbors based on trust and perpetual excellence in house cleaning in Watertown and beyond. We go out of our way to adjust to your daily rhythm and customize our maid services according to your specific scheduling needs. Your best interest is protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our work, we’ll get back to your place to reclean the contested area and leave your home fresh and inviting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do most people deep clean their house?

Most homeowners in the US opt for deep cleaning services twice a year, usually in spring and before the winter starts. However, the frequency of top-to-bottom cleaning in Watertown depends on each household’s needs. If you’re planning a special dinner, need someone to help you sanitize after a party, or haven’t tidied up your home in a long time, this is just the service you’re looking for.

Should I clean before moving in?

Definitely! Even if your new residence looks neat, you should hire trusted specialists in move-in cleaning to ensure that no nasty surprises are lurking beneath the surface. Letting a reputable company tackle your new home will eliminate lingering dirt, toxins, pollutants, and contagious microorganisms to provide your family with a fresh and healthy foundation on which you can build your new life.

Am I supposed to tip my maid?

There are no written rules when it comes to tipping. Whether it’s a one-time move-out cleaning or a regular appointment, it’s considered customary to tip your cleaner if you’re satisfied with the effort they’re putting in. Tips usually range between 10 and 20% of the overall cost of maid service in Watertown but you can also opt to show your appreciation with an appropriate gift or lump sum payment at the end of the month.

What does cleaning regularly mean?

Also known as recurring cleaning, it includes consistent housekeeping appointments. Most popular schedules include weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maid service. This provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing professionals have their house chores covered. It also enables people to take up a hobby, spend more time with their friends, plan fun family weekends, and make the most of their newly won free time.

Who offers an all-encompassing house cleaning service near me in Watertown, MA & the vicinity?

Whether your home is located near the Watertown Arsenal or on the opposite side of the city, Amazing Maids is the leading cleaning service near you. As a proud member of ARCSI and Cleaning for a Reason Top 100 Donor two years in a row, we’re the leading house cleaning in the wider Boston area.

Being on top of our game since 2006, we have the prowess and experience to deliver:

Take some time to enjoy the fresh air on the banks of the Charles River while our team makes sure that your residence is free of dirt and grime and ready to welcome you back with a fresh embrace. Opt for cleanliness and more free time, contact us today!